Dr. Suzi Kalsow, Chief Potential Officer of Suzi Kalsow Leadership Development and Training, was most recently the Vice-President of Learning and Development at Bank Midwest.

She began her career as a middle school teacher and coach which led to jobs as a curriculum director and regional education consultant.  Her next move was to higher education as a Graduate Professor in Leadership, Field Experiences Director, Dean of Education, Associate Vice-President of Academic Affairs, and Vice-President of Academic Affairs.  Travel during the years in higher education to Turkey, Poland, and Europe left a profound impact on her world perspective and beliefs about learning and leadership.

 In 2014 she made the move to the banking industry, where she had the opportunity to influence workplace culture and leadership through Fierce Conversations and People Skills training.  She also enjoys teaching Fundamentals of Leadership in Boulder, Colorado at the Graduate School of Banking.  Beginning January 2020 Suzi continued her work at Bank Midwest 2/3 time and began her speaking and training business during the pandemic of 2020.  Teacher, speaker, facilitator, agitator, and persuader are all descriptors that make life interesting.