Online Behavior Style Self


An online assessment for organizations, groups or teams. This version requires an administrator to assign, send, track and print the results of the assessment. Results can be grouped into a team report. Reports can be reprinted up to a year after the completion date.


If you are purchasing this assessment for your own use and do not intend to monitor assessments for other users, we suggest you use the product Behavior Style Self – Link only. You will receive the same assessment and report, but it is easier to administrate.

The Behavior Style Self is a comprehensive report that captures and illustrates your responses to the online, Behavior Style Self assessment. The report includes:

  • A Profile Bar Graph of the primary and secondary Behavior Styles you prefer
  • A Behavior Choice Graph which depicts the behavior you choose to demonstrate when interacting with others to get work accomplished
  • An Energy Graph that reflects the behavior style-related activities that either charge or drain your “internal battery”

The report also contains extensive information about all Styles and the best way to interact with each of them. It is designed for immediate application.

After purchase, click on the Console link at the top of this page, or go to to administer your assessment and print results reports.

(Log in using the same username and password you used to complete your purchase.)

Time Required:  10 minutes

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