Patrick Ghielmetti has experience in 35 countries as a facilitator of dynamic, transformational, experiential leadership programs and as a behavior-based executive coach. As a solution-oriented catalyst for change, Patrick is recognized for improving bottom-line results, changing mindsets to adjust to new realities, and the ability to establish rapport and credibility with diverse groups – from C-Suite to emerging leaders.

Patrick is a multi-cultural, multi-lingual global leader who is hugely passionate about “changing the world – one leader at a time”. He focuses on enabling teams to drive for results by focusing on key priorities and taking risks, enhancing leadership ability by generating commitment and a shared sense of purpose, and building and leveraging strong personal relationships within a team to positively influence decision-making and delivery of declared business results.

Prior to establishing Ghielmetti & Associates, Patrick had more than 30 years of hotel management experience, including working on four continents, primarily with Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts. His expertise comes from deep experience in Operations, Human Resources and Leadership Facilitation – and his “special sauce” is working with corporations and organizations choosing to build more cohesive and effective management teams.