Frequently Asked Questions

Once you’ve bought assessments in the Store, they will be added to your console. To access the Console, you’ll need to use the same username and password as you did to log into the store. 

Attending our webinars is free. If you’re unable to participate, you can have access to a pre-recorded video of the webinar for $19.95 (for 3 days). You can find our webcast schedule here.

Yes, your username and password are the same for the Store and your console. Remember to login with your using name and not your email address.

We provide training and instructional materials that enable you to run the Console yourself. However, some clients prefer to have us do that. Should you choose to have us run it for you, we charge $250 for each group you’d like us to administer.

You can reach out to our sales department, who would be more than happy to talk with you about which program would best fit your team’s needs:

Throughout the year we host open workshops for various programs. On the first day, registrants participate in the program, and for those interested in becoming certified trainers, they can attend the second day. See our workshop schedule here. We can also accommodate private trainings for interested clients. Please reach out to