If this is your first time purchasing online assessments

Click on the image above to log into your console

Log in with the same username and password you used to make this purchase. ​

You must do this once to make your console “active”.

If you want the end users to take the assessment and immediately print their own report

You can create an immediate access link by adding your store username to the end of this:


For example, if your username is testuser, the link you will share will be console.effectivenessinstitute.com/bss.html?l=testuser

NOTE: anyone with this link can take an assessment, so Remind them not to share the link!

If you don't want the end user to see the results

Assign the assessments and send links to end users  by logging into your console

If you’d like to learn more about administering your online assessments, we have a free class that you can access here:

Console Training


Email us: contact@effectivenessinstitute.com

Call us: 425-641-7620