Dr Angela Brooks has a passion for holding relationships at the center while helping people- of all ages- achieve their goals and embrace their most powerful self. As founder and CEO of ABR Consulting, she is leading the way in restorative school transformations. Throughout her 20+ years in education, she has had first-hand experience in being a direct change agent in restorative school transformations resulting in high achievement for all students. With Compassion, Achievement, and Hope at the heart of school transformation, Dr. Brooks has a unique approach in assisting educators to create and sustain a culture of hope so all students and staff can learn, achieve, and thrive. Her expertise is in leadership, adult social and emotional fluency, social emotional learning (SEL) and the implementation of SEL, multi-tiered systems of support, and coaching district and school leaders to create and sustain equitable school cultures.

Compassion and empathy are gifts my parents helped me cultivate through my formative and adolescent years. Through both formal and informal education opportunities, my passion to help others drove me to take part in diversity, equity, and social justice movements. As I continued my personal journey through higher education and helped others discover their life paths, I embraced my inherent leadership style—servant leadership. I enjoy building strong relationships while helping people achieve their goals and embrace their most powerful self. I look forward to leaning into your greatness with you!”