Review the behaviors demonstrated in the previous emails and see if you can guess someone’s Behavior Style in real time. For example, if someone talks slowly (left of midline) and smiles frequently (below midline), they are demonstrating Stabilizer behavior.

One helpful tip: at least one end of one dimension will typically be clear because it will be more or less like you. In other words, your own Behavior Style is your reference point for recognizing the behavior patterns of others. It may be clearly different or similar on one dimension, but that still gives you a lot of helpful information on how to interact with them.

Since people change their behavior based on the situation and environment, it is important to remember that the goal in observing behavior is not to figure out what Style someone IS but to determine what Style they are being in that moment. Determining what Style someone generally prefers typically requires at least a few interactions and opportunities to observe behavior in various settings.

If you’d like a simple tool that might provide a little more clarity about someone, you can use our Behavior Style Quick Profile (click on the link below). Answer 10 questions about the behavior you see and hear from someone, and the result will tell you the Behavior Style they are demonstrating at this moment.

This tool does not provide an assessment that is as comprehensive or statistically reliable as the “As I See Myself” Profile or Behavior Style Self assessment. However, it will provide an excellent “quick read” on someone.