People tend to get more energy from certain behaviors and work activities than others. Subsequently, they tend to give effort and energy to the activities where they get the most energy. It can be helpful to think of these things as behaviors or activities that either drain or charge our “internal battery.”

Left of Midlines Styles

The Analyzer and Stabilizer give energy to IMPLEMENTING, and they get their energy back from this activity (first we are going to organize our thoughts on paper and then we are going to take it to marketing and distribution, etc.). Making a plan work is energizing.

Some clues:

Ways to be more flexible with Analyzers and Stabilizers

Focus on increasing expressive behavior:

Style flexibility means being willing to change your behavior to create a better relationship with someone. It does not require a change of who you ARE; it is a change in what you DO. When you increase your Style Flexibility, two things happen: 

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