When interviewing job applicants, we hear things like “I love working with others”, and “I am really good with people”. The truth is many individuals can effectively interact with others when they’re in their element and working with like-minded individuals who share similar perspectives. However, why do conflicts and frustrations arise in the workplace? It’s often because of differences.

Each of us possesses natural inclinations regarding our work environment, decision-making preferences, communication styles, and even our level of accuracy. Take a moment to consider someone at work who drives you crazy. Is it because they tend to rush into decisions without careful consideration? Or is it because they take an eternity to make up their mind? When we recognize that their decision-making approach simply differs from ours and acknowledge that they need this process to maintain a healthy balance at work, it’s easier to accept it.

When we realize that we are all unique in these aspects, and we make an effort to find common ground with others, it fosters stronger trust and respect in our relationships. Building interpersonal or “People Skills” enables us to comprehend these differences, and effectively collaborate with others resulting in greater positive influence with them in various areas of our lives, be it the workplace or our personal lives. By doing so, we can reduce frustration and conflict.  Behavior Styles is a People Skills program that has remained relevant for over 40 years and continues to serve as a cornerstone of emotional intelligence.

Sharon Andrade has been leading and transforming teams for over 30 years.  She is an engaging facilitator and consultant focused on elevating individuals and teams wholly through performance improvement and personal growth. 

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