When participants in a People Skills workshop receive their Behavior Style Self report, an intense quietness suddenly falls over the group. This is partly because everyone is reading their results, but it’s also due to a natural curiosity to learn more about ourselves. You may have heard the famous line by C.C. Bloom, a character in the movie Beaches, “But enough about me, let’s talk about you…what do YOU think of me?”

While it’s helpful to know our Behavior Style preference, there are more important things to learn about and be aware of, and the best example of that is knowing how and when to change your behavior so you can make a better impact on others. This is how we build and maintain trust and respect in relationships, which is the goal of Behavior Style training.

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Basic awareness of the Behavior Style model is helpful, but the full People Skills workshop (which is available virtually) includes this critical, skill development aspect. When we flex or modify our behavior effectively based on the situation, environment, and Behavior Styles of others, we demonstrate the emotional intelligence that improves relationships and achieves better results.