First, Thanks for All Your Support This Year.

It’s been a big year of transition and growth for us, as we hope it has been for you and yours.  

We gained a new president one year ago, we moved into new offices during the summer, and we’ve enlarged our passionate team by 40 percent! We have exciting developments in the works as we leap into 2020 and look forward to sharing our enthusiasm with you. 

In the mean time, we hope you’re seeing improvement in your relationships as you practice some of the principles and frameworks we cherish here at Effectiveness Institute. 

We couldn’t continue doing this work without you. So, take the opportunity to spend time with loved ones and keep flexin’ your Behavior Style! 

Now, What Is Your Behavior Style Holiday sELF?

Are you like Buddy (a Persuader), bringing everybody holiday cheer by singing loudly for all to hear?Behavior Style Holiday Self Buddy


Are you more like Papa Elf (a Stabilizer), making sure every person feels included, even if they’re not quite like everybody else?
Behavior Style Holiday sELF Papa Elf


Are you more reserved like Hermey (an Analyzer), just waiting for an unsuspecting relative to ask you about your obscure hobby (so you can spare them no details)?


Or are you more like Bernard (a Controller), driving everybody to the holiday party because, of course, you always know the best route to get there?


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

(P.S. You can now try our newest Behavior Style assessment: Find YourSelf.)