Tension-Reaction Behavior in Relationships

This series of emails will explore tension-reaction behavior and the predictable ways each Behavior Style tends to react under stress and tension. What is Tension-Reaction Behavior? Many things can trigger negative emotional intensity in relationships, including things like unmet expectations, inconsiderate comments, a values violation, or receiving incorrect information. One common trigger is when someone […]

Spotlight on Team Distribution Chart

Team Distribution Chart The Team Behavior Style Distribution Chart has been proven to be a valuable resource for gaining insights into team dynamics and pinpointing avenues for enhancing team performance.   Here are specific ways to leverage the Team Distribution Chart: Recognize Team Strengths and Blind spots: The chart allows team members to identify their […]

Are You Using Behavior Styles for Hiring?

While going through a behavior style workshop, participants often ask if behavior styles should be used to help make hiring decisions. It’s an understandable question because it seems like it would be best to hire certain Styles for certain types of work, or to hire someone if you need their Style to create balance on […]

Spotlight on Leveraging Team Dynamics

Leveraging Team Dynamics Leveraging Team Dynamics provides the framework for teams to discover ways to be more competent and productive. Teams learn how their collective Behavior Styles can impact team performance and how to be more effective working together. Program Outcomes: Understand the role and purpose of the team. What are the team’s goals? What […]

The Challenge of Being Trustworthy

We often hear or read about the importance of trust. Research is often cited that reveals how central it is for effective relationships and teams. But while it’s easy to make the connection about how important it is and to talk about trust, it is challenging to build and maintain, even if you believe you […]

Practice Rotating Your Iceberg

One of the most important things to understand about behavior styles is that they are not fixed. We can all intentionally and temporarily change our behavior to improve an interaction or relationship. This is called “rotating your iceberg.” We use the metaphor of an iceberg to illustrate how we prefer and change behavior styles. The […]

Say What You Mean

We know clear communication takes effort. One of our certified facilitators and champions in K-12 Education, Joe Fabey, just co-authored a nice article with Clint Allison about effective communication, including intent and impact, in the current issue of Principal Magazine published by the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP).

Ask an Analyzer

ANALYZER I work with a woman named Mandy, and she’s great! I’m a project manager at a small website development company and Mandy works with me to set the budget and make sure we don’t go over. She has to sign off on purchase orders, payment approvals, etc. I really like working with her — […]

Typical Perceptions of Persuaders

Each Behavior Style makes an impact. We need to know our impact so we can positively impact communication with others. The following are typical perceptions of Persuaders from the 4 Behavior Styles. From a Controller “I appreciate the Persuader’s ability to generate enthusiasm and that they are visionary enough to quickly see the ‘big picture.’ […]